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What To Expect at Your First Visit



On the Phone:

When you speak with Dr. Puckett-Perez via phone, you can expect her to listen to your concerns with warmth, courtesy, and genuine interest. She will talk with you to get a sense of your concerns, and help you to schedule an office visit. If you call and do not hear back from Dr. Puckett-Perez within 48 hours, please email her at


At Your Testing Visit:

Testing appointments are generally scheduled across 2-3 visits, each lasting 2-3 hours. If you would like to complete all of the testing in one day, please expect to spend a large portion of the day testing, as testing is a multi-hour and comprehensive process. In the beginning of the appointment, you will participate in a clinical interview  about your concerns, diagnoses to be evaluated in testing, and your child's history. Dr. Puckett-Perez will discuss what specific tests will be used with your child, and will then meet with the patient separately to conduct the testing session. As testing takes some time, patients will be given regular small breaks as necessary. After testing is completed, Dr. Puckett-Perez will score the tests and schedule a follow up appointment to provide feedback  and a comprehensive testing report to you at a later date. Scoring and report writing typically take approximately two weeks.

We can complete testing in a testing room in our office or can schedule in-home testing (subject to geographic limitations).

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